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About Us

A Square Power Trade Co., Ltd. is a Thailand registered company. It was established in 2012 by a group of young experts specializing in different areas including manufacturing, chemicals, agricultural, medical, health and IT business. Our belief is primarily based upon the fact that the business growth, the socio-economic development and the environmental sustainability are interrelated. Hence for us, the company is not only an instrument for generating profit, but it is also a vehicle for accomplishing the long-term development of the society as well as the conservation of the environment. From this belief, the Green Business concept was defined and developed taking economic, social and environmental dimensions into account and it has laid a strategic intent on what the company is striving for.

"Green Business Model"



"To become the most trusted in ASEAN,
people love to buy from and do business with"



"To make all our customers’ lives easier
by offering best quality and service at fair price" 



"Customers PAY FOR VALUE"


Our 5 VALUEs:

  • Best for quality

    Our products and services are highly selective without compromising quality. Our customers can ensure they buy the best quality product at fair price. In addition, we have our own quality assurance system to ensure that our quality system is properly carried out and meet the requirements and goals for our product and service. 

  • Sourcing sustainably

    Our sourcing is based on the sustainable sourcing principles which avoid purchasing from suppliers involving in illegal trade, corruption, exploitative labor practice and environmental deterioration. Our emphasis is therefore placed on ensuring proper practices of our own and suppliers' activities as well as our business partners. Hence, customers can count on the fact that buying from us, they are part of ethical, green, transparent and legal supply chain.

  • Environmentally-conscious

    We strive to minimize the environmental impacts from our business activities as well as the use of our products. We also engage key stakeholders in our supply chain to work collaboratively in promoting the sustainable use of resources, minimising wastes and addressing the climate change. Thus, our customers can be confident that by using our products, they are part of the green initiatives that conserve the environment.

  • Socially-responsible

    We believe that buying local products is an investment for the future of local communities. Partnership with local suppliers has provided guaranteed purchases for farmers, SMEs and artisans, and a consistent market for their products to grow their business, generate employement and sustain their communities. In addition to local purchase, we have also provided technical support and training (e.g. organic farming, quality improvement, value creation) directly to the local producers. Thus, when consuming our products, the customers can ensure that they are part of a social investment in developing the sustainable communities and maintaining indigenous way of life.

  • Highly innovative

    We focus on research and new product development to meet customer specific requirements. Our services and solutions are tailored to fit customer needs and to maximize the level of satisfaction. Moreover, our team of experts specializing in different fields will help clients improve the quality and efficiency of their business processes while minimising the operating costs.  


Having partnered with Sun Siam Co., Ltd. which is a manufacturer of SUN’SOIL products for 30 years has strengthened our position in term of product diversity to offer a full range of premium lubricants, biological organic fertilizers and soil improvers to our customers in consumer and industrial markets.

Signing an agreement with Chemcare Asia Consultants Pte., Ltd. has enabled us to provide technical services and solutions in the field of chemical safety and occupational health and safety.  Our CHEMWATCH, a fully integrated chemical safety and management database, provides chemical information linked to chemical management tools for worker safety, regulatory compliance and emergency response.


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Our e-commerce website has been registered with the Department of Business Development, the Ministry of Commerce of Thailand since 30th September 2013. Our trading partners can also verify our status at the official website of the Department of Business Development (