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Social Responsibility

Our strong intention to run the company under the Green Business concept which goes beyond profit has paved a solid foundation on how the company contributes to the triple bottom line: economic distribution, social responsibility and environmental quality. Based also on our understanding of being responsible business together with our vision, goal and promise, the success formula of our business practices has been formed and conceptualized by means of "The 4 Disciplines" which are Transparency, Legal compliance, Sustainable sourcing and Ethical partnership.

"The 4 Disciplines"

1. Transparency

Our reputation and continued success depends on trust from our stakeholders (i.e. customers, suppliers, government, society). We believe that doing business in full transparency is a cornerstone of building trust and confidence. Being transparent is one of the key steps to corporate governance and ensures our business activities can be disclosed. Our business transactions can be verified and traced back at every step leading to the increased confidence among our customers, suppliers or trading partners. In addition to our transparency, sincerity and honesty have also been the heart of our business conduct because we belive that running the business with integrity is key to our sustainable business growth.

2. Legal compliance

We believe our dedication to "do the right thing" will improve our long-term business performance, reputation, efficiency as well as contribute economically to the national development. Therefore, we have strictly complied with all relevant laws and regulations wherever we operate or conduct our business. Paying tax is also fundamentally important to the national economic and social development which leads to better wellbeing of individuals and societies. As a juristic company incorporated in Thailand, we are proud of being a responsible TAX payment as well as use our best effort to maintain company's accounting records in accordance with all applicable laws and ensure that the accounting records do not contain any false or misleading entries.

3. Sustainable sourcing

Sourcing has been at the forefront of our business activities which determines the values our customers pay for. Our sustainable sourcing principles have set the criteria for our suppliers including promises of fair labor conditions, protection of the environment and legal trade. Hence, while consuming our products, customers can ensure they are supporting the sustainable supply chain which promotes ethically made products, no exploitation, environmental conservation and lawful business.

4. Ethical partnership

If business success largely depends on who we are dealing with, choosing the ones who value and practice good business ethics may significantly increase chances of being successful. Correspondingly, we believe that ethical partnership is imperative for corporate success and longevity, and it is built on how we position ourselves and the way we deal with our stakeholders (e.g. suppliers, government agencies, customers or business partners). In any business dealings, we are resolutely opposed to bribery and corruption in whatever form it may take. Furthermore, we set high standards for our suppliers in the context of our own sustainable sourcing principles and pay suppliers in accordance with agreed terms of trade.