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SDS Authoring Service

The Chemwatch team involved in the production of SDS consists of:

  • Chemist
  • Toxicologist
  • Researchers
  • Safety experts
  • Occupational hygienists
  • Physicians

Chemwatch produces MSDS for over 2,500 clients, worldwide. Besides just authoring MSDS, our team also takes charge of the maintenance of the MSDS to ensure its currency and validity. There are many changes (for example, Changes in International or local regulations) in the chemical industry and as such, the need to reflect these changes in the MSDS is imperative.

The creation of multi-formatted and multi-language MSDS is yet another important responsibility of the team. Chemwatch employs a team of

  • Translators
  • Regulatory Experts

to ensure that an MSDS and Label meet the local needs of each country; these documents also must comply with International regulation.

In addition, other Regulatory documents and Instruments such as

  • Dangerous Goods Declaration Forms,
  • Labels,
  • TremCards, and
  • Product Safety Cards

can be produced on request.

The following are steps to process your Safety Data Sheet (SDS) authoring:

  1. We send the service request form to the customer by email.
  2. Customer completes the form and send back to us.
  3. We check the completeness of the form and if no further information required, customer will be sent a price quotation / invoice (exchange rate at the date offered).
  4. Customer confirms and signs the invoice, and transfer the full amount.
  5. We sends the receipt to the customer and process the SDS authoring (based on the information provided in the service form).
  6. Customer will be sent SDS document within 10 working days.
  7. Customer checks and confirms the correctness of SDS document. If further revision is required, customer can request within 3 working days after the SDS document has been received.

Please fill in the form below and submit it to us for your MSDS authoring request.

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